The Vision & The Man Behind It

At the heart of our story is a road trip from Geelong, Victoria to Newport, Queensland. Amidst all the talk about online selling and building a business that makes a difference, Remi and his brother dreamed up a brand for Aussie guys that also cares about the customers they sell too. That's how Built For Blokes started, with the idea of having a physical store right from the beginning.

Life threw us some curveballs, so we had to wait until late 2023 to get going. But Remi's never-give-up attitude keeps us moving forward. Our goal? To create a brand that everyone loves, and to open a cool shop in Geelong that's all about Aussie guys' wants and needs.

So, join us! Every purchase supports men's mental health & helps us get closer to our dream of opening our doors and offering everything Aussie guys love. Thanks for supporting us. Together, we'll make it happen!

The man behind the vision?

Remi is a genuine aussie bloke who loves cars, camping and his dogs,

Remi has always been someone who loves being in the shed, working on something rather than out on the town. He first started at the age of 10, taking over the garage at home and building all sorts of wild stuff as he slowly honed his talents. Remi spent two years full-time at the Gordon TAFE in Geelong, studying for his Cert 3 in mechanics, fabrication, panel, and paint before embarking on his apprenticeship as a plumber. Despite transitioning to plumbing as a profession, he remained passionate about cars, maintaining it as a hobby.

His affinity for the automotive industry led him to establish an online wreckers called KLR Garage in 2010, where he dismantled HSVs for spare parts and sold them on eBay. After a successful decade in this venture, he decided to pivot, recognizing his love for e-commerce but acknowledging that dismantling cars wasn't fulfilling his aspirations.

Continuing his trade as a plumber, Remi now plays a pivotal role in the family business, serving as head of construction and maintenance at Regional Escapes, a rapidly growing holiday rental company. Alongside his responsibilities there, he manages multiple e-commerce stores, including this one. In his limited spare time, Remi can be found working on cars in his factory and creating content for his YouTube channel.

Want to see more of Remi? Link below to his channel.

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